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Decorating Guide

To assist you in working out your desired colour schemes, we have provided some hints and tools below.  Once you have decided upon your colour scheme, please contact us for a free quote.


Choosing A Colour Scheme

Dulux's decorating tool allows you to upload an image of an existing room, and see how different colours will look with the click of the mouse. It also takes into account light and shade that naturally occurs in any room by shading the painted area according to how the light falls. The result is a more ‘true to life’ representation of how a colour will look in situ and how a change in colour can work with existing furnishings.

Decorate Your Room Online

Co-ordinating Your Colours

Because colour can change depending on other surrounding colours in the area, the final look of your project may not be what you expected, and so consideration must be given to the total colour scheme of a room or area.
Haymes offers an online tool to help you tell how well can you pick colour differences in surrounding colours.

Test Your Colour Perception


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